Art is the language I use to communicate. Since childhood, in Havana, Cuba. I have made art to express myself and to connect with people, feeling the utmost necessity to share with others my points of views on life and society. My vision is to leave a positive imprint on the planet and a legacy for my kids to have— one that is bigger than art. They are my inspiration to move forward in toughs times, giving me that extra push to reach my dream. 

I believe that art is a responsibility to society. Whatever is expressed through art will be received by people, thus it is important to me that I am conscious of the message that I am communicating. 

“Mono perceptual iris” is the phrase I use to best describe my art, meaning that everything one can see through their eyes is art. My paintings, murals,  and interior designs are inspired by human behaviour, nature (specifically plants) and city infrastructure (buildings). The “paper boat” concept I use in my art has evolved from love and loss, especially regarding immigration and the idea of buying a one way ticket and leaving life as you know it behind in search for something better. 

I use mixed media to create the concepts I am visually inspired by. A typical process usually includes sketching and graphic design, as well as other elements that I use for texture such as stencils,  acrylic paint, markers and spraypaint done on canvas, metal or wood. 

I have been a self taught artist for as far back as I can remember. During childhood, I replace my toys for paint brushes. I have since then been fortunate enough to have many guides along the way, award winning painters and sculptores that mentored me on how to perfect my skills. They also taught me many tricks of the trade such as how to work with metal and make monumental pieces. 

The helping hand concept that I use in my art symbolizes my vision to reach out to and help as many people as possible in my lifetime. I believe that this can be accomplished by creating landmark murals and designs that will stand against the test of time, as well as by continuing my participation in art shows, fashion, and music videos to reach an international market.

Rigo Leon Herrera